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Women Entrepreneurs

Who We Are

Yazamiyot was established in 2012 by Hilla Ovil Brenner. Since then, it has become the leading community for Israeli women entrepreneurs with over 5,500 members, supporting each other in many activities. 
Today, there are relatively few female entrepreneurs in Israel. Our vision is to dramatically increase the presence and number of women entrepreneurs in the Hi-Tech and Bio-Tech industries in the next few years.
We are highly dedicated to supporting our community’s entrepreneurs in every step of their startup by providing them with the essential tools and knowledge, mentoring and networking they require to accelerate and advance their ventures into advanced products and companies.

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Yazamiyot Bracelet

An inspirational collaboration between Shapola and Yazamiyot led to the creation of a unique bracelet collection, which emphasizes the strength of each entrepreneur and reinforces the courage and the motivation to change the world in her own special way.


These unique bracelets will empower the community and create a special link among all members of Yazamiyot.​

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focused on mutual learning and growth.

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Our Programs



Join us for our monthly meetups with experts from various industries

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Our Next Event

Join us for "AIm High" Virtual Clossing Session


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