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Greeting the new year with Noga D'Angeli's Stand-Up Comedy show & 'Promising Entreprnuer of 2012' Competition

January 4th at 21:00

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Previous Events

  • Welcome 2021 - Greeting the new year
    Yazamiyot is leaving 2020 behind and welcoming the new year with a smile! Our very own community member - Noa D'Angeli - in a Stand-Up Comedy show that is guaranteed to make you all laugh! January 4th at 21:00
  • An inspirational talk with Nitzan Cohen Arazi - Co-Founder and COO of Jolt
    Nitzan comes from a business & startups background. She has been involved in the vibrant Israeli Startup eco-system for most of her career, acquiring experience as Israel's first startup accelerator manager, investment manager at Deutsche Telekom, and now a founder of her own startup. Nitzan is passionate about education, and more specifically informal education, and has always been teaching and mentoring in different programs and capacities. In March 2017, Nitzan was named 'Forbes 30 under 30'. Join us on 2/12 at 21:00 to hear Nitzan tell us all about her path through the entrepreneurship world.
  • Tel Aviv & Yazamiyot
  • Yazamiyot, Start-Up Stadium & Saloona Celebrating International Women's Day - March 7, 2018"
    Mar 7, 2018 WeWork HaZerem, Tel Aviv Yazamiyot, Start-up Stadium, WeWork & Saloona presents; Special International Women's Day Celebrating Entrepreneurship. Our special event will mark the importance of integrating women into the Israel high-tech and bio-tech industries and promoting Israeli women entrepreneurship and leadership. With Adi Soffer Teeni, GM Facebook Israel as our guest of honor, leading female & entrepreneurs panel and Stand-up comedian Noga D'Angeli.
  • Turn chances into success + grow a thriving company - February 20, 2018"
    Feb 20, 2018 Mindspace, Tel Aviv How can we turn chances into success? How will we grow from a small initial investment to a thriving company? In our upcoming event you will get exactly what every entrepreneur needs - practical advice and inspiration that will help you conquer the startup world. Netta Ness is the Creator and Founder of Chance Management, she is an entrepreneur and a sought-after speaker who serves as an advisor to organizations, leaders and influential people in Israel and abroad. Amongst her clients are the European Union, Presidential Staff, training the Directors of Gender Equality, the Women Economic Forum (WEF) and more. Revital Hendler is a successful serial entrepreneur (AllJobs,, BreezoMeter) and a mentor for social startups. Revital will tell us what happens when business meets soul and how she founded AllJobs, the leading wanted ads platform in Israel, with an initial investment of $100k and sold the website for 18 million dollars. Today the company is valued at over 80 million dollars. Agenda: 18:30 - gathering 18:45 - Chance Management with Netta Ness 19:30 - All the way from $100k to 80 million dollars with Revital Hendler 20:15 - Mingling & networking
  • The New Way to Raise Funds for Your Startup - January 30, 2018"
    Jan 30, 2018 Pearl Cohen's office, Azrieli Sarona Tower, Tel Aviv Yazamiyot & fundit present: Launching an investment platform for entrepreneurs! Have you reached the stage where you need funds for your venture? Come and celebrate with us the launching of the online investment platform for entrepreneurs with the cooperation of IBI to raise capital for businesses This platform is suitable for all entrepreneurs, even if you are at the initial stage of your venture We will be hosted by the elegant offices of the leading law firm Perl, Cohen, Tzedek, Latzer, Baratz. will unveil the unique cooperation of Yazamiyot and fundit to establish an investment platform for entrepreneurs. Following the amendment to the law, there is a new opportunity to raise funds in a social manner, relatively quickly and in ways that have not yet been met. So then…… Get a unique insight into investment, check that your venture is right and start warming up for raising funds! A great advantage, one entrepreneur that will participate and find suitable, will be accompanied by community management - at no cost! Event agenda: Opening remarks and presentation of the cooperation Adv. Yael Shimon Mani, Partner in the Hi-Tech Group at Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz Law Firm Yossi Meiri, co-founder @ fundit Elah Alkalay, Vice president at IBI investment house and Chairman of the Israel Women's Network Moran Massad Hadar, CPA, Audit Partner of TMT Keren Zukerman, Co-Founder & CEO, will share her experience with using crowdfunding Launching Legally on the platform, led by Dana Segev, CEO and founder and Yazamiyot’s member
  • Yazamiyot "End of the year" PARTY - December 27, 2017"
    Dec 27, 2017 Beit Kandinof Gallery, Jaffa We are excited to invite you to celebrate with us at a special end of the year party of Yazamiyot at the unique Beit Kandinof Gallery in Jaffa, during which a contest will be held and we will choose the Promising entrepreneur for 2017 To participate in the "2017 Promising Entrepreneur" contest, please fill out the registration form by 14.12.17, send a photo, logo and a short 60-second video about your venture to Special speakers: - The Actress Nelly Tagar, will tell her amazing personal story - Naomi Krieger Carmy, Head Of Societal Challenges Division at Israel Innovation Authority, the Innovation Authority (formerly the Chief Scientist) and will be exposed to an important information for each entrepreneur - Inbal Orpaz, High Tech Correspondent at The Marker - Virginia Tan, the co-founder and president of Lean In China & She loves tech > A special announcement of the winner of the "2017 Promising entrepreneur " Honorable judges panel: Naomi Krieger Carmy, רשות החדשנות (לשעבר המדען הראשי) Fiona Darmon, General Partner & COO, JVP Ruth Polachek, Founder, she codes; Maya Gura Bar, Missbeez Avi Snir, CEO, @Elevation Academy Hadas Goldstein, Onlife Rachel Hamburger, Mindspace Hana Radu, Mccann & Supersonas Spring Valley Yael Shimon-Many, Pearl Cohen Simona Valsky, Microsoft Accelerator Tel Aviv Tal Catran Ran Shnaiderman, founder, Made Finance Ltd. EY Israel ארנסט אנד יאנג Idit Rosenberg Michal Zilber, Rimon, Cohen & Co. Yazamiyot - Women Entrepreneurs community managers and member
  • The Survival Guide for Setting Up Your Start-Up - November 22, 2017"
    Nov 22, 2017 at 9:00pm IST Wix Hub for Small Businesses Yazamiyot and Wix are proud to present: Join us next Wednesday, November 22th, to celebrate the launch of our New Website and get the Survival Guide for setting up a startup. Hear the full story of Wix by its VP Operations, and get tips and tricks from an accelerator director. We also have exclusive bonuses for the participants: i. Wix gives 5s Premium Plans (one to each startup), free of charge for one year! Be sure to register to have a chance at winning! ii. TheHive will reserve a place for a Yazamiyot member's startup (which will pass its screening requirements) in its 8th program which will start in November 2017 in Tel Aviv Apply here: Agenda 19:00-19:15 - Arrival and Mingling 19:15-19:30 - Yazamiyot's new website launch 19:30-20:00 - Nurit Reder, VP Operations at Wix 20:00-20:30 - Patricia Lahy-Engel, Director at TheHive Startup Accelerator 20:30-21:00 - Neta-Li Meiri, Managing Director at 8200 Social Program
  • The Full Stack Entrepreneur - November 7, 2017"
    Nov. 7, 2017 Mindspace, Tel Aviv As women entrepreneurs - we are expected to know a lot about a lot of things, and to become jack of all trades. So how do we stay relevant? How do we keep up and excel? In a world that is changing faster than ever before, the only solution is to never stop learning. Nitzan Cohen Arazi will share the story of Jolt and the Homo Adaptus, while sharing her experience as a VC turned entrepreneur. We'll discuss relocation, hiring and raising money from an American VC. Idit Neuderfer, The RedHead, will give us tools to take our public speaking skills to the next level. Event Agenda: 18:00 - 18:15 - gathering 18:15 - 18:45 - "If it's all about the SHOW - You better be a PRO" by Idit Neuderfer, The RedHead, Executive Speech Coach and Speaker 18:45 - 19:30 - "The full stack entrepreneur- knowing a lot about a lot" by Nitzan Cohen Arazi, Co-Founder & COO at Jolt 19:30 - 20:00 - Mingling & networking See you there!
  • Behind the Scenes of Venture Capital with Yael Elad from Aleph VC - October 24, 2017"
    October 24 · 6:30 PM Aleph VC Yael Elad from Aleph VC is hosting Yazamiyot for an intimate discussion about: Behind the Scenes of Venture Capital Event Agenda: 18:30 - 18:45 - Gathering 18:45 - 20:00 - "Behind the Scenes of Venture Capital" by Yael Elad, CFO at Aleph 20:00 - 20:30 - Mingling & networking About the Session: Yael Elad from Aleph VC is hosting Yazamiyot for an open discussion about investment processes, the pain of failure and the role of women in the tech scene. About Yael Elad: Yael Elad is CFO of Aleph, a venture capital fund operating in Tel Aviv. She works with entrepreneurs and the fund’s portfolio companies and to improve operations and processes as an infrastructure for growth. Prior to joining Aleph Yael managed the private equity investment portfolio at two of Israel’s largest institutional investors. She has considerable management consulting experience working for large international corporations in the US, Europe and Africa. She holds various board seats, Castro, Bituach Yashir and City Pass, to name a few. Yael holds a BA from UCLA and an MA from Brown University, both in Economics. About Aleph: Aleph is a venture capital fund that was formed in 2013 with the idea of providing Silicon Valley-level service, networks, access and advice to Israeli entrepreneurs in order to help them build large, global and transformative companies.
  • FinTech Co-Founder Speed Dating - September 27, 2017"
    September 27 · 6:00 PM (Barclay) Rise Tel Aviv Are you starting a FinTech startup? Are you looking for your future CEO or CTO? Or just looking for more talented people to join your team? Have you always wanted to work for a FinTech startup and are looking to networking with companies looking to hire? Then join us! On September 11th, at 18:00, we will be hosting a co-founder speed dating, where you can meet business people, developers, CEOs and CTOs, that are looking to join a FinTech startup. Bring your love of FinTech, your talent, and your entrepreneurial spirit- we will bring the beer and pizza :)
  • London 2017 - The Next Game Changers
    September 13-15, 2017 Camden Market, London UK The Calcalist Next Game Changer event brought together Israeli and UK founders, investors and corporate leaders to examine the ways in which innovation is manifest in an array of fields, from finance to cyber, from HR to retail and beyond. It was also a unique opportunity to bring women in leading positions to the same room, creating a space to network and support each other’s efforts - female founders, investors, consultants and even one reporter - because together we can empower each other. This was a joint effort of Yazamiyot, the first and leading community for Israeli women entrepreneurs to meet, lead by Hilla Ovill Brenner, in collaboration with Fiona Darmon, COO of JVP and one of the leading women in VC in Israel. During the session we had a chance to be briefly introduced to women working in the industries of AI, weight loss, Gaming, AR/VR, HR-tech, retail and e-commerce, double-sided marketplaces, public safety, an expert agency and more.
  • Women in FinTech - July 5, 2017"
    July 5 · 6:00 PM (Barclay) Rise Tel Aviv Calling all female entrepreneurs- it's time to start your FinTech startup! Whether you already run a FinTech startup, or are looking for your next challenge, come learn about the FinTech scene in Israel and what resources are available to you. We will discuss how to get involved, and most importantly, hear from the women currently rocking the FinTech scene here! One more thing, Magma VC is in to sponsor the event 🙌🏻 Agenda 18:00 - 18:30- Arrival and Mingling 18:30-19:15- Keynote Speaker Michal Beinisch, COO of Barclays Israel - "FinTech 101" 19:15-20:00 Women in FinTech Panel Moderated by Dealflow + Marketing Manager of Magma VC: Inbal Naveh Safir: Remittance/Payments: Tali Av-Zuk, CEO of Vala PropTech: Olga Klinger, CEO of Ownerhood InsurTech: Liri Halperin, CEO of Leo Chief of Stuff
  • Personal Branding - Practical tools to create your authentic brand - May 28, 2017"
    May 28 · 6:00 PM "The Prince" rooftop This skill of personal branding is so powerful, it can make one stand out in a crowd. For an entrepreneur, it means getting funded faster, recruiting the best people and even marketing is easier. Some people are an independent brand on their own. How do they do it? Two personal branding gurus will share their experience with us plus personal photoshoots by professional photographer! AGENDA: 18:00 Personal photoshoot, Be there on time! First 10 guests will be photographed by a professional photographer. 19:00 Reut Reuveni (Supergirls, DreamBig) An entrepreneur, marketing communications expert, former communications manager of Nike and on top of everything - a social animal with thousands of followers.Reut will share her story on how personal branding created opportunities and boosted her career. Toot Shani (EquityX, MM Ventures) A thought-leader in the field of meta-entrepreneurship and master of brand story-telling, Toot leads the Business Development at EquityX and is the Israeli partner of Match-Maker Ventures.Toot will provide us with practical actions to follow in order to create your own personal brand story.
  • Hidden Figures - Emotional Intelligence and Financial Modeling in the High Tech - May 8, 2017"
    May 8 · 7:30 PM Ganei Ha’Taarucha Join us in an unforgettable evening where: Hillik Nissani, a high-tech executive consultant and mentor, will talk about how high emotional intelligence can give us an edge in the business world, and will give us practical and unique tools to succeed in High-tech; And Meirav Har-Noy, founder and managing partner at Moneta Venture Capital, with two decades of experience as investor with the world leading VCs, will talk about startup financial models and will explain how you can increase your chances to raise money from VC using correct financial models and precise contact. Day: Monday, May 8 Time: 19:30 Where: MIXER TLV, 101 Rokach Blvd., Ganei Ha’Taarucha, 3rd floor Parking: Gate 7 - underground parking lot; Gate 9 - Upper parking deck
  • How to Tell a Story and Raise Money - With Special Guests from the US - April 9, 2017"
    Sunday, April 9, 2017 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM Campus TLV Did you know that your story is the key to raising money? Have you ever struggled with raising money? Want to know how to penetrate the US market and build a successful startup in the heart of NYC? Donna Griffit ( - Leading storytelling expert, a wordsmith in the startup world who has worked with Fortune 500 companies around the globe, helping them raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Donna will talk about how to take your numbers, facts, and figures, and spin them into a golden story. ICONYC labs ( Co-Founder and Partner, Eyal Bino, is here for a short visit and together with Ruth Poliakine Baruchi, CEO of MyndYou (, will talk about the US market, raising money, and how to build a startup in NY.
  • Women Entrepreneurs Day - March 21, 2017"
    Tuesday, March 21, 2017 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM Dizzy Frishdon Bar It’s Women Entrepreneurs Day on March 21! The Yazamiyot community is celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Day by coming together for bonding, alcohol, and laughter. Agenda: 19:30-20:00: The event starts 20:00-20:30: Networking session guided by Shiran Shabtai 20:30-21:15: Standup show “נשי ותהני” by Hagit Ginsburg, Noga D'Angelo, and Marina Shani, who show no mercy to men, women, and children. Location: Dizzy Frishdon Bar, 121 Dizengoff, Tel Aviv
  • Raising Money - What Do Investors Want? - January 24, 2017"
    Tuesday, January 24, 2017 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM Mindspace One of the things every entrepreneur needs to know is how to talk to investors, and it all starts with understanding what they want to see. Join us in another exciting Yazamiyot event where we will host three great speakers who will discuss how to prepare for a meeting with an investor using easy steps you can follow, how to identify your competitors, and how to prepare your market analysis. Get ready for a practical must-know session on investments. Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Time: 17:30 Place: Mindspace, Ahad Ha'am 54, Tel Aviv Our Speakers: Moti Krispil, CEO of Exitory Moti is a serial entrepreneur and corporate executive with over 25 years’ experience in entrepreneurship and storytelling. He has served as a Major in one of the IDF’s elite technology units, has co-founded Tescom (AIM:TASE), as well as several additional ventures from their inception to global recognition. Moti mentors corporate executives and entrepreneurs in Israel and abroad. Merav Rotem Naaman, Director at Verizon Ventures Israel Merav has over 18 years of experience in the Tech industry, with transactional and strategy roles. Prior to joining Aol in 2014, Merav was Head of Strategy and Operations at Better Place and helped shape strategy and alliances from the very early startup days. Merav started her career as the Head of Regulatory Affairs for Israel’s leading Telco - Cellcom, and then spent a few years at Bain & Co. in The SF Bay Area, advising companies about strategy, business development, and M&A. Merav earned her MBA at Harvard Business School and holds a law degree from Tel Aviv University. Anat Tsour Segal, Owner of Anat Segal Consulting & Technology Invesments Anat is a business woman and entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in venture capital, seed stage investing, portfolio management, public companies, and capital markets. Anat founded and served as CEO of Xenia Venture Capital, a publicly traded investment company (TASE) and a technological incubator based in Israel. Prior to founding Xenia, Anat led her independent consulting and investment banking practice, having advised to over 20 companies on business planning, corporate development, M&A's and fund raising of private and public capital (NASDAQ, Tel-Aviv and European stock exchanges). Prior to that Anat was Managing Director & Head of Corporate Finance of Tamir Fishman, held senior Investment Banking positions with Robertson Stephens/Evergreen and Poalim Capital Markets, and served as credit officer with Bank Hapoalim International Division. She holds a BA in Economics and Management, MBA and L.L.B. from the Tel Aviv University. Mor Assia, Founding Partner of iAngels Mor has over 10 years’ experience assisting global corporations define new corporate strategies, M&A activities and technological pivots, working on the corporate level of blue chip companies such as SAP, IBM and Amdocs. A Software Engineer herself, she led R&D teams from the US, Israel, India, Russia and China across several, long term technology projects, earning her a position in the Top 5% of Talent at SAP. While pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at the Technion, Israel’s elite Technology University, Mor was chosen to be part of an exclusive international delegation in collaboration with the American Technion Society. At the Dean Delegation, Mor helped raise over $70M into fellowship support for PhDs to retain top technology talent in Israel. Mor’s analytical and leadership skills were formed in the elite “8200” intelligence unit of the IDF. We look forward to seeing you there and wish you and your loved ones a happy new year!
  • Yazamiyot Partnership Match! - November 30, 2016"
    Wednesday, November 30, 2016 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM CO.CO "1 is such a lonely number..." You have the vision, the power, the motivation, the capacity, and the dream - you almost have it all, and yet you still haven't made it. We believe that you're just missing the right partner! Join us in Partnership Match, where Yazamiyot will be matched, entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Engage with potential future partners, start your venture together by analyzing, mapping, and refining what you need or who you need for your business. We will also create partnership meetups. This is a great opportunity to get to know other Yazamiyot, learn about creating a winning team, and find Yazamiyot to work with on your venture! When: Wednesday, November 30, 18:30 Where: Kehilat Saloniki 8, 2nd Floor, Tel Aviv Agenda 18:30 Mingling 18:45 Galit Israeli - Yazamiyot - 1 is Such a Lonely Number 19:10 Tsafra Perlmutter - CO.CO - How to Build a Dream Team 19:30 Rina Shainski - Former GP at Carmel Ventures 20:00 Dafna Zahger - VP Marketing Round Robin, Co-Producer Peek. Magazine
  • Campus for Moms with Yazamiyot: Pitch Night - May 17, 2016"
    Tuesday, May 17, 2016 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM Campus TLV Yazamiyot, It's time for Pitch Night at Campus TLV for Moms! Campus for Moms was created by Yazamiyot and Google and is a baby-friendly startup-school that encourages women to make the most out of their maternity leave by providing space and content for learning and networking. Sessions are led by successful entrepreneurs, investors, technology experts, and professionals from various industries who share their experiences and knowledge with participants. As you know, Yazamiyot is all about helping women in their entrepreneurial journey through networking, events, and courses such as these. Yazamiyot already has over 1200 members and Campus for Moms has over 300 alumni! We end the course with a Pitch Night, where selected participants will pitch their projects to VCs, angels, and accelerators. This Pitch Night will end the 5th cycle of Campus for Moms! Join investors, reporters, industry experts, and other Yazamiyot in this amazing night. Agenda: 19:30 Networking & mingling 20:00 Speaker 20:30 Pitches & feedback 21:30 Good night!
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