Start Up Labs is a new program focused on helping women become entrepreneurs and founders of successful startups.


The program’s purpose is to identify women entrepreneurs with the right background (and sometimes the right idea), help them create successful startups by providing them with the tools and learning material they need, and ultimately help them to find the right investment for their startup. It will be the first program of its kind, with a focus on helping companies succeed while ensuring the benefits and strategic values of the accelerator.


The focus of the program is:

  • Strategic planning

  • Creating a BP

  • POC

  • Preparation for investment

  • Raising fundInternational exposure


Our vision is to start in Israel (test case), and continue to create international programs around the world.


The program will encourage more women with leadership skills, strong technical backgrounds, and the potential to succeed to be great entrepreneurs and impact the tech industry with their innovative businesses.  


The program has two steps:

  1. Basic - Education and training

  2. Premium - Investment, together with leading investors and/or by dedicated women's advancement initiative funds.



There are thousands of women in Israel and hundreds of thousands worldwide that have the ideas, skills, and experience to establish and lead successful and global companies, with the right support and mentorship.


In additional, demand from VCs and investors for women-led startups is increasing, as more women-led businesses around the world show increased results and higher ROI.



The program is for women with a strong technological, academic, and industry background who want to become successful entrepreneurs.

For the premium model, the participants should be a female co-founder in an early stage startup.


All the participants must be motivated and willing to invest the time and effort needed to make their startup a success – we will not accept women who work full time somewhere else.


We expect at least 50% of the participants will have a strong background in technology in the field of their venture, in order to support the business and make the most of their skills. The remaining 50% will be those with leadership capabilities and common characteristics that entrepreneurs of successful startups have.



There are two main models that the program will offer.


Model 1 (basic): Education & Training Program – Online and Offline Start Up School

Entrepreneurs that have potential, a strong relevant background, and motivation, but are not yet ready to be invested in will join a program course to learn how to create a successful startup.


This program is intended for women who want to become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. The program will include all the foundations and background for starting your venture, but will mostly allow for matching of co-founders.


It will allow participants to get to know each other and learn from each other, as well as from our own professionals and role models. They will learn about successful fundraising, management, creating a business plan, etc. We will provide them with the tools they need to create effective strategies to design, optimize, and market their venture to the right target audience. This “startup school” will provide women participants with an environment to learn and match up with other entrepreneurs that can be a part of their future founding team.


Participants will benefit from a high presence of mentors that will support them throughout their journey. Throughout the program, successful women in leading positions will lecture and mentor, offering their experience and knowledge for the next generation of women entrepreneurs. This includes successful executives, entrepreneurs that have raised funds successfully or have made a successful exit, politicians, professors, etc.


Successful entrepreneurs and startups in this model can be moved forward to Model 2, for investment.


Model 2 (premium): Investment

Startups and entrepreneurs that we believe have strong potential, market fit, and a solid founding team will be invested in, in three different models:


Independent investments - Investments will be up to $100k in return for approximately 20% in equity. A solid advisory board consisting of industry experts will assist in decision making after we conduct a due diligence process.

Matching or participating in VC investments – Joining other investors or VCs to invest in a startup together.


Dedicated/diversity/governmental funds - locate the startup and correct funds and receive a commission from the initial investment.



In order to create a platform where women led startups can be initiated, and successful investments are created, we will review hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups, and narrow them down to a chosen few that will be accepted to the startup school.


The process will be managed by Hilla Brenner and carried out by the entire team, and will involve:

  • Scouting for companies

  • Reviewing each company’s technology, business model, and team

  • Interviewing the founding team

  • Presenting them to the advisory board and choosing the relevant candidates for the accelerator

  • Conducting the market analysis

  • Putting together the investment committee

  • Create a base pool of connections to investors and dedicated women's advancement initiative funds.

  • Closing strong strategic partners like banks and VCs


The focus will not only be on the idea or technology they have developed, but on the founding team and their business model.

In addition, we plan on creating strategic partnerships that will allow us to grow and recreate the program around the world. This includes partnerships and cooperation with government entities, the EU, and organizations within the UN that support women empowerment.


Exact dates and program details TBD