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Efrat Shenhod, Founder & CEO of ReSymmetry, is the winner of the She Loves Tech 2018 competition

Members of Yazamiyot organization, that was founded by Hilla Ovil Brenner who runs it together with Shiran Melamdovsky Somech, participated in the big 2018 startup competition run by the Chinese organization She Loves Tech. It is a female entrepreneurship competition that takes place in 14 countries around the world. The first place winner in the Israeli competition, who will participate in the international final that will take place on September 15 in Beijing, is Efrat Shenhod who presented ReSymmetry - a smart robotic wheelchair with advanced technology that allows paralyzed people and children to move like they never could before.

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Efrat Shenhod, Hilla Ovil Brenner and Shiran Melamdovsky Somech (Photography: Sagiv Cohen)

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